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5131 E Bonanza Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89110
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why join equipo?

Equipo Academy is unlike any other school in East Las Vegas. Close friends, committed families, and caring educators will all work together with one mission at heart: getting every student to and through the college of their dreams.

The concept for Equipo Academy is more than just an idea, it is what our team has been doing for the past seven years. In 2010 we began with a small group of fifty students who started in the same fifth grade classes and went on to create the first five-star middle school in their neighborhood. Now we are becoming a full 6-12 public school that will ultimately serve nearly 1,000 students.

We want you to be part of our team at Equipo Academy. Here's why:

1. You will be successful.

Every student can learn. We not only believe this is true, we have been proving it is true for years in East Las Vegas.

Whether you struggle to read and hate English or you read so well that you are bored in class. Whether you love solving for Xs and Ys in Algebra class or you could care less about that slope or that intercept. Whether you are a star athlete or singer, or the one who gets picked last for every team. We know you can be successful, and we know how to get you there.

So how do we do it? It isn't easy, but with hard work and perseverance, incredible things happen. It takes more homework, more study sessions, more participation, and more challenges, but our teachers are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you be successful.

Also, we notice that a funny thing happens when students are successful in school: going there each day becomes less of a chore and more of a celebration.

2. You will beCOME part of a team.

With over 500 students, Equipo Academy is big enough to have all kinds of people, but small enough to know all of them. From the first days of orientation we have built more than a school — we have built a team. Peers in AP classes gather to help each other with research projects and students and teachers in advisories turn out to support each other at concerts and games. When things are going well, you have a whole team to celebrate with. And when things are tough, you have more friends and families than you ever imagined to support you.

The idea of a school that is a team is so important to us that we made it our name: equipo. Working together, we are showing schools across Nevada that team is more important than anything else in education.

3. You will find a second home.

Redesigning a warehouse building to create a new kind of school has given us the opportunity to rethink the entire design for a middle and high school. With fewer hallways and more common social spaces, Equipo Academy's campus is designed to be less of a building and more of a home for our team. Students will have numerous areas to organize study groups and meetings, clubs and sports teams will have brand new fitness rooms and creative spaces to work in, and an open atrium dining hall and lounge will form a community gathering space at the heart of the school.

We have also rethought what we do with our spaces. High school courses that consist of more seminar and discussion based classes and fewer large lecture courses. Advisors that meet with small groups of students daily, instead of once a year for registration. Truly healthy dining hall menus prepared from fresh ingredients in local kitchens, rather than quick meals processed to meet minimal nutrition guidelines. Our space was designed to make all of this possible. And for our students and families, our space will become a second home.

4. the joy Factor

We work hard, so we play hard, and we believe every day, every month, and every year of school should be special. Our special events are the talk of the town — from regular SWOTluck family dinners, to our red carpet invite-only dance parties, to the annual EOY (end of year) celebration where we present an off the charts awards show and dinner. We know how to throw a party.

Students who have worked exceptionally hard for our teams in the past have earned special privileges including camping trips in Death Valley National Park, history tours of Washington D.C., college trips from San Francisco to New York to Boston, and weekend trips toSouthern California. Our annual field lessons represent special opportunities to take learning beyond the classroom and our students describe them as some of their most memorable experiences.

Most importantly, our incredible teachers work to make every class unique and engaging. From fascinating science discussions where you could be debating extraterrestrial life or hands-on labs constructing electrical circuits, to real-world math classes where you are designing budgets for businesses and reading and social studies classes where you debate some of the biggest questions throughout history to find your own opinions. At Equipo Academy, we are building a "joy factor" into everything we do.

5. You will Go "TO AND THROUGH" the college of your dreams.

Statistically, only eight percent of students in East Las Vegas are expected to graduate from college. At Equipo Academy, we expect everyone to.

The journey "to and through" college begins with your first family meeting and extends through every class you take. An advisor teacher will serve as a mentor to you and a small group of your peers helping you plan academic courses, develop college-going work habits, and build a student resume with a broad set of leadership experiences. Class trips to colleges in Nevada, along the West coast, and across the country will help you find your "good fit" school. Rigorous courses and Advanced Placement choices will prepare you for your first college classes. And in the junior and senior years, all students will participate in college seminars to navigate the admissions process.

With the Equipo Academy team on your side, you will go "to and through" the college of your dreams.

Join our team

Equipo Academy is now recruiting students entering grades 6-12 in the 2018-2019 school year, especially new sixth grade and high school students. Consider joining our team and family as we make history building the first college preparatory public school for East Las Vegas middle and high school students. Visit our enrollment site at for more information and to apply.



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