Applying to Equipo Academy

Equipo Academy is a free, college-prep public school open to all students in East Las Vegas regardless of language spoken, FRL status, past academic performance, or any special needs. We welcome all students and we believe every student can meet our highest expectations.

You may apply for either by clicking “Apply” below. If you have questions or need assistance, you can message us in the chat below.

When completing an application during a lottery window, the application will ask information regarding an applying student’s siblings, primary residence, and free- and reduced-price lunch eligibility. Each of these questions corresponds to a group given priority in our annual lottery.

(1) Siblings of current students

(2) Students living within a two-mile radius of Equipo Academy

(3) Students eligible for free- or reduced-price lunch programs shall receive priority in that order in any lottery window following the Equipo Academy charter. 

Answering any question related to these priorities is optional and may increase, though does not guarantee, your child’s chance of admission.

All families who have applied may check their application status or accept an offer at any time. Log-in to the application website using your phone number or e-mail with the password you created when you applied.

*Free- and reduced-price lunch options are available for all eligible students at Equipo Academy.

See our School Wellness Policy here.