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Each student is assigned to an advisory group that meets daily and creates a place where students can seek assistance and pursue growth.

With every student participating in 9 or more hour school days, Equipo students uphold a strong sense of commitment. Maintaining this commitment comes in the form of our student’s perseverance in their classes, responsibility keeping up their grades, and their participation in school events, clubs, and other various engagement opportunities. 

Their commitment goes beyond just school. Students are committed to establishing great character. Developing their integrity, work ethic, and compassion for others, Equipo students work to develop important social skills and character traits. With a staff committed to their students, these students will be guided to grow into a person that is ready to take on the world up until their graduation day.

“Attending Equipo was one of my first and biggest commitments of my life but this commitment made me into the person I am today.” – Aaron Bartee

  • Students will work hard in rigorous classes

  • Students will participate in various engagement opportunities to bond with fellow students and their families

  • Students will develop important character traits that will affect their lives

  • Students will develop social skills that will be beneficial in society upon graduation 

Scholar hour is the part of the day where students stay after school hours in order to receive the help they need from their teachers. The help students receive can range from group tutoring to individualized help on any missing assignments.

“Scholar hour was the time of day where I felt that the teachers actually cared about me as they took the time out of their days to help me succeed in my academics.”

  • Scholar Hour may be necessary to pass or improve a student’s grade
  • Scholar Hour is designed to assist students who are failing or at-risk of failing a course
  • Students can get help from various teachers during the available time