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Our team is preparing to grow our work from a school into a movement! This October we begin the search for the next school principal to lead our flagship Equipo Academy. This page has been created for official information and updates on the formation and work of the School Principal Search Committee. Make sure to join the Commitee’s Remind group for updates and information and return for the official application to open on October 15, 2023.

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October 2       

Announce School Principal Transition for the 2024-2025 School Year

– Communications to Staff/Board (began 2021)

– Communications to Students/Families/Alumni (bilingual)

October 3      

Open School Principal Search Website

– Launch Search Committee Application/Nomination Link

– Post Overview of Process Timeline

– Create Remind Group to Subscribe for Updates Option

– Interest form for Candidate

October 10     

Form Search Committee

– Open Constituent Elections of Search Committee Members

– Elections for Each Constituency Representative on October 10

– First Meeting of the Committee October 13

October 15    

Open School Principal Application

– Application Opens on Website and Shared with All Constituencies

– Applications Accepted Through October 29

October 30

Interview Process Begins

– Interview Process to be Designed and Scheduled by Search Committee

– Confidential in Initial Rounds

– Open to All Stakeholders by Final Rounds

– Final Candidates to Be Made Public by November 15

December 1

Recommendation Made

– Recommendation to Board by December 1

– Board Accepts Recommendation or Returns Work to Search Committee

Deadlines may be extended as needed with the approval of the Chair of the Equipo Academy Governing Body.

The School Principal Search Committee


We are assembling a search committee to represent each of the constituencies of Equipo Academy. The Search Committee needs to be formed by October 10, giving us one week for each constituency to elect a member to the Search Committee. This will include seven members from each constituency of the school:

  • one student
  • one parent
  • one alumni
  • one teacher
  • one non-teacher staff member
  • one leadership team member
  • one board member

Committee members will be chosen by their constituencies in an election on October 10. Once selected, members will be listed here with a contact link to communicate feedback and ideas during the process.

Click here to nominate or apply to be a candidate

for the School Principal Search Committee.

A Campus Built for Great Teachers

There is no magic curriculum and there are no silver bullets. Great schools are defined by great teachers. So we have worked hard to hire a team and family of incredible educators and we have built an incredible place for them to work. Our commitment to teachers is reflected in every decision we make.

  1. A Best Place to Teach
    As a team, we are committed to creating a campus that is a best place to teach. This means providing teachers with the autonomy to design and deliver their best instruction, along with the coaching they need to keep getting better. It means two preps a day and a collaborative environment to make the challenging job of teaching a more sustainable career. And it means a multitude of leadership opportunities for teachers to become campus leaders and career master teachers.

  2. Salaries that Value Great Teaching
    Equipo Academy board members have affirmed their commitment to great teachers by offering the highest starting salaries of any Clark County public school and a compensation plan that allows teachers to quickly advance without complicated step- or column- salary structures. Simply put, great teachers are rewarded with the compensation packages they deserve.

  3. Comprehensive Benefits
    Equipo Academy provides comprehensive medical, vision, and dental benefits as well as life insurance and a comprehensive employee assistance program. As public employees, our teachers are eligible for the same PERS retirement benefits at the same rates that other teachers in Southern Nevada receive. And we have worked closely with our teachers to launch innovative new leave policies as we move into our second and third years of operation, including the first-ever team PTO policy and most generous parental leave policies of any public school in Nevada. Our teachers make our family at Equipo and so our policies respect their families, too.


At Equipo Academy, we are always searching for great people to join our team as we grow to serve even more students in East Las Vegas.

If you applied in a previous year, please re-apply so we know that you continue to have interest in one of the above positions.

We hire early for the following school year and will schedule interviews as soon as you apply. Our initial application can be completed in under five minutes. After submitting an application, a member of our team will follow-up within 48 hours. Please note that our response times may be delayed as we are currently operating remotely.

Our full application process includes a phone interview, meeting students, families and staff, a portfolio, and an interview day with other applicants. We are excited to learn more about your work and share more of our story with you in the process!

Questions about our application process or working at Equipo Academy in general? E-mail us seven days a week at [email protected] or call us weekdays at 702-907-0432.


All currently available leadership opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year have been filled.
Equipo Academy is an equal opportunity employer to all employees and candidates without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, disability, marital, military status or any other discriminatory basis as defined by federal or state regulations.