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Enrollment Applications are Renewed Each Year at Equipo Academy.

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Canvas is the LMS application that our teachers use to deliver lessons, create discussions, post assignments, and provide weekly grade updates.

Click Here to Watch Equipo Academy’s Canvas Guide

Click Here to Access the Canvas Parent Guide

For More Guides Visit the Student Page and View the Canvas Tab

Remind is an application used by our staff to communicate with students, and parents.

*Please have your student check with their Advisor to join remind.

Our parents and families create the support that our students need to be successful in school and beyond.

In order to foster strong support for our students, parents and families are expected to:

  • Participate in family events each month
  • Promptly sign and return weekly progress reports
  • Meet with teachers and advisors each quarter to review report cards

Scholar hour is the part of the day where students stay after school hours in order to receive the help they need from their teachers. The help students receive can range from group tutoring to individualized help on any missing assignments. 

“Scholar hour was the time of day where I felt that the teachers actually cared about me as they took the time out of their days to help me succeed in my academics.”

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